Celebrate Taco Tuesday EVERYday at PapiChulo!

There are many different types of food I love; one of my favorites is Mexican. Over the years, I have tried Mexican all over the country and have tasted many different styles. Each style of Mexican food is good in it’s own way. In the past few years, I think I’ve grown to love Mexican food more because it’s one of the few types of food that everyone in my family enjoys and can easily pick something off the menu.

As with so many new restaurants we visit, I followed PapiChulo Tacos on social media for months. However, it wasn’t until I drove by and saw what a cool place is it, that we literally changed our plans and went there for dinner.

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Happy, Fun Atmosphere

I doubt you can be in a bad mood here. If you show up down in the dumps, I can almost guarantee their atmosphere will cheer you up. The restaurant itself isn’t huge and is mostly open air. But, being in beautiful south Florida, there’s a bunch of outdoor seating to enjoy. The bar is open and bright, too.

There are some great sayings on the walls if you look around. But, my personal favorite, is the wall of Jarrito sodas. The bathrooms also have fun wallpaper and you’ll probably be finding yourself taking a selfie in there with the backdrop.

Outside the tables are very casual While waiting for a table, you can relax in an Adirondack chairs next to a big pinata. Definitely take a picture next to or on it!!

Drinks on drinks on drinks

The Gloria

As expected, they offer a bunch of different margaritas. However, these aren’t your usual flavored margaritas! Each one has different and unique flavor combinations. For so many years, I heard about drinks with jalapenos and never really understood it. How can you drink a spicy drink? After reading the description of Gloria margarita, I figured I’d give it a shot. And, I was hooked! This margarita has tequila, strawberry, agave, lemon, lime, jalapeno salt, and is garnished with a few slices of fresh jalapeno. It was so good. I cannot recommend it enough to anyone that likes margs, strawberries, and just a slight hint of spiciness.

Others at our table had regular margaritas that were delicious. Other cocktails are offered, each with a unique spin on them too, are mojitos and mules, for example. Sangria and cervezas are available as well. Jarritos Mexican sodas are also available, as a non-alcoholic alternative.

Taco ’bout Delicious…

With tacos in their name, this in the main attraction. All tacos are made-to-order and served immediately on their tortillas. When we visited, it was Papi Hour (more on that below), so we ordered a bunch of tacos to have and try out. They were served family style. This made it a little complicated, as not everyone could remember what they ordered, but we figured it out!

Just as their cocktails have unique spins on them, the tacos do too. The carnivores at our tables tested out the Puerco (pork shoulder, red cabbage, jicama, sweet peppers, cilantro, scallions, aji amarillo), Barbacoa (smoked brisket, onion, queso fresco, cilantro, guajillo chili sauce) and Pollo (chicken tinga, cotiga cheese, caramelized onion, chipotle agave, and pico de gallo). As you can see, these aren’t your regular tacos with meat and cheese. However, my son did request just that, a taco with meat, cheese, and sour cream, and they were able to accommodate.

Crispy Brussel Sprout Taco

I’m not a vegetarian by any means, but I do have a slight obsession with brussels sprouts. Whenever I see them on a menu, I have to try them. And, when I saw a taco with them on it, it was a no brainer! This taco has crispy brussel sprouts, secret sauce, scallions, radish, and queso fresca. It was AMAZING. The flavor combination was on point and the brussel sprouts were seasoned perfectly and crispy, just like I like them.

Street Food and Sweets

Some other options, under the street food section of the menu, are chips and salsa, guac, quesadillas, street corn, nachos, empanadas, etc. We tried the nachos and they were good. Next time, I definitely want to give the street corn a try.

If you have any room for dessert, Mexican donuts, flan, and popsicles are available. I probably ate my weight in chips and tacos, so there wasn’t any room to try dessert, but I’m sure it’s delicious.

Go for Papi Hour!

I always love a good happy hour with drinks and food specials. But, Papi Hour is a different level. These prices are offered everyday from 11am to 6pm and 11am to close every taco Tuesday! Menu items are either $3 or $6 dollars and all drinks are 50% off! How can you pass up that offer?

Mas Papi’s Por Favor

To say I loved dinner there is an understatement. The vibe is chill, decor is bright, food is delicious, drinks are on point AND there’s daily specials! If you’re in the area, I’d suggest swinging by PapiChulo Tacos for a drink or taco with some friends. On a beautiful Florida day, it’s bonita!

Papichulo is located at 1556 US Highway 1, Jupiter, Florida, 33469. They are open 11 am to 10 pm Sunday through Thursday and 11 am to 11pm Friday and Saturday.


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